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Digital Marketing Design Development

Does your website offer a rewarding user experience, not matter what device visitors are using? If not, you could be losing valuable prospects.

Our team will make sure there’s no compromising when it comes to the look and performance of your site. Whether you need to add a couple key pages or require a complete redesign, we’ll help take your online presence to a higher level. One of our specialties is improving site form and function to optimize lead generation.


Do you need to update pages or add new ones? Have you undergone a rebranding effort that’s not reflected by your current site?
Our experienced team can help. We offer a wide range of design services, including:

  • Development of Brand Standards
  • Development of Brand Standards
  • Banners, Ads & Campaign Designs
  • Impactful Landing Pages (like this one!)
  • Dynamic Forms and Calls to Action
  • Modern Composition
  • An Elegant and Effective User Experience (UX)


Our team is well-versed in a wide range of technologies, such as:

  • CMS platforms like Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress (including frameworks like Genesis/Studiopress, BuddyPress and Divi)
  • Numerous association management systems
  • Salesforce and other CRM solutions
  • Stop settling for a poor user experience! Talk to us today to learn how we can give your site the look and functionality you always imagined.


    Isn’t it time you turned more of your prospects into customers? Our development team will integrate the latest technologies and best practices to delight and convert your audience.
    The experts at Spiral Marketing provide:

  • File Organization for Enhanced SEO
  • Improved Pay-per-Click Performance
  • Optimization of Loading Speeds
  • CRM Automations
  • Contact Page Creation
  • Embedding of Widgets and APIs
  • Tracking Implementations
  • CMS Support for many platforms, including:
    • WordPress
    • Dupal
    • Joomla!
    • Many more!
  • HTML / CSS Coding
  • Page Load Optimizing, including:
    • CDN through platforms like AWS
    • File minification
  • Security Setups ‒ HTTPS / SSL, External and Server-level Bot / Virus / Malware protection
  • Our SAMPLES:

    Web design and Development

    Talk to Ray

    Spiral Marketing analyzed data on visitor usage of the site and developed a more streamlined approach to navigation. Large icons on the homepage helped users quickly get to their destination, whether they wanted to buy, sell or rent a property.

    A new mobile version of the site made for a simpler, less cluttered layout on phones and tablets, while maintaining an overall look consistent with the desktop version.



    Spiral provided strategic input on a prominent HR association’s new microsite, which generated traffic from Facebook carousel ads and organic search results. Our development team provided continual tracking, allowing us to provide detailed reports on the source and conversion rate of new leads.


    522 Productions

    Our experts provided a full audit of the video production company’s pay-per-click strategy, resulting in a more effective, transparent campaign. We targeted the digital ads to specific landing pages that more successfully converted visitors.

    “Elevate your Brand” with Spiral Marketing today!

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