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Our digital advertising experts ensure you get more leads and greater visibility into your ROI

Has your digital advertising program failed to generate the results you expected? Our PPC services will help you get more out of this vital marketing channel. We’ll do a 360-degree review of your strategy, from the ad platform and keywords you’re using to your landing page design and campaign structure.

And there’s no more guessing whether your program is generating results ‒ we deliver in-depth reports that show how many leads and sales you’re getting from every dollar you’re spending.

How can we help you?

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  • The Spiral Marketing difference means:


    Reduced Cost Per Lead

    We’ll help you attract customers who are looking for the precise products and services you offer, so you don’t have to waste money on poor-quality prospects.


    Faster ROI

    By using an analytic approach to factors like keyword choice and ad format, you’ll surpass your breakeven point in a lot less time.

    Intelligently Designed Campaigns

    With Spiral Marketing’s PPC solutions, you’ll get well-thought-out campaigns that produce.

    Extraordinary Event Attendance

    Unlock the door to an exceptionally well-attended event with high-density keywords and world-class digital ad expertise that gives your organization a distinct competitive edge.

    There’s a science to creating the optimal digital advertising program. At Spiral Marketing, we understand that. Our experts implement a range of proven strategies to ensure you get the most of every dollar you spend.

    Among the steps we use to drive site traffic:

    Keyword Data

    Our software helps you home in on keywords that customers are actually using in their searches, resulting in a higher volume of leads.

    Analytics & Call Tracking

    You can find out who’s calling your salesline after clicking on a digital ad, providing a more accurate picture of your campaign’s impact.

    Multi-Variate Testing

    Our team conducts A/B tests for a number of different variables ‒ from page designs to call-to-action and copy ‒ allowing you to refine your approach.

    Geographic and Demographic Controls

    We have the ability to segment your audience in order to optimize ad performance and boost leads and sales.

    Contact our team now to kickstart a better, smarter and more effective digital advertising program.

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