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As a marketing professional, you know the internal and external pressures against you. Stakeholder expectations. Competitive forces. Unrealistic deadlines. Time. (Never enough time!)

It all leaves you frustrated, under-resourced, and working in a silo.

Enter Karl and Dave: Karl Boehm is a 20-year seasoned agency executive and Dave Poulos is the “Marketing Doctor” himself. With a combined 45+ years of experience, they have created a scientific framework for optimizing conversion rates.

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1. More Confident Plans (and Contingency Plans)!

Learn to use data-based decision-making to effectively test your marketing campaigns, gather results, and rework findings to fine-tune your killer strategy. No more throwing tactics at the wall and seeing what sticks. Get organized with your campaigns, from kicking off, contingency plans, and iteration to scaling.

Landing pages. Social posts. SEO. Learn to improve all your marketing strategies according to a proven framework!

2. More Efficient Resource Management

You probably don’t have as much budget as you’d like for your campaigns. That’s why it’s crucial to use every last resource as efficiently as possible.

This live workshop takes a deep dive on what tools you might be missing…and why they’re vital for your success.

Investing in yourself has never been easier!
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About Dave Poulos

Our guest for this webinar is Dave Poulos, the author and pioneer of the “Scientific Method of Marketing.” His story is as interesting as it gets, and it’s also a vital reminder that it’s never too late to change your mind, pursue your dreams, and succeed.

Dave started out as a medical student at Northeastern University, hoping to be a toxicologist. Everything was going as planned, but when his residency began, one of the requirements was to be “on-call” for 48 out of 72 hours. He knew that lack of sleep would deteriorate his effectiveness as a doctor, and with no other options, he decided to change his major to marketing. He finished a 5-year plan within just 18 months.

Since then, he has worked with some of the most iconic brands in the world, such as Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Madison Square Garden, MasterCard, American Airlines, National Geographic, and more. He helps them achieve their marketing goals with the exact thing we’ll be discussing in this webinar: the Scientific Method for Marketing.

About Karl Boehm

Karl Boehm is the CEO and founder of Spiral Marketing and has over 20 years of digital marketing experience. Karl has been passionate about marketing since high school, going on to major in it at university. He’s now spent more than fifteen years building other agencies and corporations, ultimately helping to grow more than 150 brands. That includes FOX, So You Think You Can Dance, the Black Eyed Peas, Myspace.com, Waste Management, The Maids®, Case Design, the American Red Cross, and many more.

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