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Episode 40: Thinking Beyond the Logo in Brand Management with Justin Jones of KDG Advertising

Aug 31, 2018

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  • Should be Empty:

    “Trust someone that trusts what you do.”


    Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

    • The differences between brands and logos
    • What’s a transparent brand? What’s an authentic brand?
    • Why you can actually lose money doing things yourself, instead of hiring professionals
    • How easy it is to forget why you started a business in the first place


    “When you’ve made yourself look bad, you’ve made your industry look bad.


    • Why it’s not bad to have a non-transparent brand (Coca Cola, McDonalds)
    • What happens when you step out of the terms you’ve established?
    • Some of the worst ways brands can degrade their company
    • Why chasing huge numbers in social media can get you lost in a sea of nothingness


    Digital Marketing

    • Why treating your big and smaller clients with equal attention has a positive effect on the industry as a whole
    • Why motivational maxims are not going to take you to maximum success
    • The value in not seeking fame and acclaim
    • Do you really need 100 creatives?


    “500 followers who actually like your product will grow your business more than 500, 000 fake followers.”


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