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Welcome to the Marketing Minute! We’re a short-form story-driven podcast designed to provide value and industry insight—all in under ten minutes. Every episode, we invite an expert guest to answer three questions: What’s your favorite story for marketing communications professionals? What were the insights gained? Why do you do what you do? It’s all the value and nothing else. Succinct. Insightful. Actionable. Give us a listen, subscribe, and follow! 3-2-1. Done

I remember one of my friends snapped her fingers in front of me and said “Hey, Karl are you in there?”

I was there, and I was paying attention. “I see you snapping your fingers,” I said, feeling like my personality had been pulled out of my body.

It wasn’t a fun experience, but I learned to find solutions that met my needs. I still got distracted, of course. The difference was that I found my unique perspective lent itself to creating solutions that other people didn’t see. It’s allowed me to build several successful companies and grow hundreds of brands.

The point is, I learned I had options:

  • I didn’t have to accept what others believe were short-comings
  • One prescribed solution isn’t always the right one
  • Each of us has the power inside of us to overcome obstacles
  • And seeing things differently, is a good thing. Sometimes, a very good thing.

It’s been my lifelong passion to come up with creative solutions that serve people. I’m doing it now everyday through a digital marketing and media company, as well as by hosting this short-form show.

On every episode, a subject matter expert delivers a relatable story, the insights to learn from that story, and why they do what they do, as I have just done in just a few minutes. It’s perfect for busy professionals with a modern attention span.

I’m Karl Boehm, your host and guest for this episode. I’m the CEO and founder of Spiral Marketing, and this is the marketing minute.



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