The Challenge

URAC is a nonprofit accrediting organization that evaluates the service quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare groups, insurance plans and major pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens and Walmart Pharmacy.

In an effort to attract and convert more qualified leads, the entity sought an outside agency that could help re-engineer its web strategy. URAC also needed a partner that could help its various stakeholders make a well-informed, timely decision with respect to new CRM and marketing automation investments.

The Results

Spiral Marketing’s multi-faceted engagement not only helped URAC capture more qualified leads, but dramatically reduced the cost of conversion. After optimizing the site for lead generation, the lead conversions soared from few tracked to a veritable flood – dozens to over 100, equating to a 750% increase. Meanwhile, enhanced content marketing and social media efforts led to markedly increased activity on Facebook and other platforms.

Spiral’s support also enabled the marketing team to achieve necessary buy-in from different levels of the organization as it sought to invest in new CRM and automation systems. At a time when URAC was onboarding new members for its marketing management team, Spiral was able to bring the new employees up to speed on website, social media and technology projects in order to minimize the learning curve.


URAC’s search resulted in a partnership with Spiral Marketing. The firm developed a fresh approach that enabled URAC to attract more qualified leads online and guide them through the digital marketing funnel. Key initiatives included the creation of new landing pages and website lead-generation forms, which the organization used to populate its marketing database. As a result, URAC was able to follow up with prospects more efficiently, with a message tailored to their service type.

The Spiral team also developed a new editorial calendar and launched a provider webinar, efforts that enabled URAC to deliver compelling content through social media and affirm its reputation as a thought leader within the industry. Complementing those efforts were new Google and Facebook ad campaigns based on a data-driven analysis of keyword searches, providing yet another source of high-quality leads.

In addition, Spiral leveraged its experience in marketing automation and enterprise CMS to help URAC select new technology providers that would be critical to its outreach efforts going forward. The agency produced detailed reports on potential vendors that enabled the in-house marketing department to better understand the options and communicate its recommendations to stakeholders throughout the organization.









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