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Greg Kihlstrom

Episode 43: Developing an Agile Mindset with Eric Watson

May 31, 2019 | 0 comments

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  • Agile Development has become a productivity favorite for organizations that seek more efficient and effective project management. Both scrum masters and new discoverers of this methodology can learn a lot from this episode about sprinting past your competition via continuous improvement and so much more!

    “Servicing your team instead of just asserting yourself will lead to better productivity.”


    Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

    • Increasing team engagement
    • The importance of top-level management in empowering their teams
    • The specific things you need to focus on to be “agile”
    • What do engineers and preschoolers have in common?


    “When you introduce something new, it’s rejected. Find individuals on your side. ”

    Project Management

    • Do people ever really reach their 2+ year project goals?
    • What defines the scope of a project or service?
    • The importance of administrators
    • Why making your team feel capable leads to better project results


    Agile Mindset for Client Satisfaction

    • How agile training and coaching benefits your clients
    • Why you need to branch out into unfamiliar areas to exceed expectations
    • Why servant leaders develop trust in teams
    • The necessity of directly molding agile strategies with team leaders


    “By failing you learn and when you learn you develop better services.”


    Where to learn more about and reach Eric:


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