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Benton Crane Harmon Bros

Episode 47: Epic Advertising with the Harmon Brothers’ Benton Crane

Jul 31, 2020 | 0 comments

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Benton Crane is the CEO of Harmon Brothers, the company behind viral videos that have generated more than a billion views and $350 million in sales. 

Viral marketing can be simply seen as stories with the stickiest concepts in our minds. That’s the approach Benton has taken in his quest to fix problems in the digital marketing space.

He’s on this episode to discuss why you might be sitting on a goldmine of viral potential but you still need the right set of tools to strike gold!

“There’s no better format for storytelling than TV and film.”

Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How trust can be a strong foundation for a successful company
  • What does “freedom” have to do with talent and creativity?
  • How can advertising make the world a better place?
  • Why is storytelling the best form of communication?

In addition, with respect to video and social media marketing, you’ll also learn the following:

  • Exactly where is passion most useful throughout the creative process?
  • What do Star Wars and your product/service have in common? 
  • What’s deeply baked into your DNA and how does it influence your business?
  • Does it make a difference when you truly believe in a product?

“People are inherently good and smart…when you trust them… they do amazing things.”

Believing in your client’s vision can turn a simple video into a great piece of storytelling!

“It can sound light-hearted but things like the Squatty Potty have actually improved millions of lives.”

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