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Greg Kihlstrom

Episode 44: Building Good Marketing Agencies with Clodagh Higgins

Apr 1, 2020

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Growit Group is a business coaching, consulting and training organization that helps Digital Agencies attain their business goals. 

Clodagh S.Higgins is an ex-Hubspotter, now Agency coach, and consultant at Growit. She has worked with 500+ agencies that thrived and scaled their business with her help.

You can learn more about Clodagh & Growit from listening to her podcast Agency Life, her book on Amazon - A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency, or hiring her for coaching & consulting through various Growit Group Service Offerings

If you’re an Agency owner that believes in the profitability of your dream, Clodagh believes the right experts can take you there. 

When Clodagh is not helping Agencies you can find her training for powerlifting competitions! 

“The agency you want starts with your values.”

Here are just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How your core values set the tone for your business positioning
  • How to help co-workers increase their knowledge to improve the success of their professional journey 
  • Why each role, no matter how small it seems, can move your business forward
  • How to match harmonious workplace positions with the right employees at your agency

“Let’s choose to use our powers for good!”

Digital Marketing

  • Why are numbers so important for the “Entrepreneurial Operating System”?
  • Agency owners love to multitask. Should they handle tasks that employees normally perform?
  • How can marketing be used for the greater good?
  • Why do digital agencies rely on client perception?

Business and Life Philosophy

  • Why professionals should focus on goals and compatible teams to achieve their business targets
  • How to be a ruthless salesperson in the morning and a business owner in the afternoon
  • Why you should delegate like a champ to achieve healthier business relationships
  • The importance of caring about where you work
  • Whether you should trust employees who aren’t interested in business growth—even if they’re good at their jobs

“As a business owner…increase their knowledge, improve their promotional paths, and you can be part of that journey.”


Book mentioned: Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman

Where to learn more about Clodagh and how to reach her:

Clodagh’s recommended blog


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