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Greg Kihlstrom

Episode 45: Brand Targeting & Demand Workshop with the Squeeze Network

May 1, 2020

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Are you a creative professional working towards building a brand, but struggling to find the right direction?  Creating a business plan that uplifts your life (as much as your customers do) is something that this week’s guests are all about: The Squeeze Network!

The Squeeze Network is a group of energetic entrepreneurs, including actors, singers, performance artists, and fitness instructors.  In this workshop-style episode of the Spiral Marketing Podcast with Karl Boehm, The Squeeze Network came in to gain guidance on how to lay out a path moving forward that will most support their creative customers with future, ongoing events — events that are made by creatives for creatives.

This episode will give listeners a chance to hear what it’s like to take the guesswork out of defining your ideal client profile.  Karl will outline how to test the demand for product and/or service ideas to avoid falling into a misuse of time and resources.

“How do we use creativity to make our relationships and family’s lives better?”  

A few of the points covered in this episode include:

Market Planning

  • Reflecting on your personal goals and how they affect you professionally
  • Determining your ideal client profile
  • Refining your messaging to attract your target market


Event Marketing Planning for Creatives Best Practices 

  • What’s the best way to make ticket prices affordable, yet profitable?
  • What’s the best way to narrow down the demographics of your target audience?
  • What’s the best way to optimize distinct customer segments according to their lifestyles?


Digital Marketing

  • How to use empathy in your messaging as a tool for assessing customer needs
  • How to define demographics beyond the apparent (e.g., creativity goes beyond the arts)
  • How to document value in each of your offers 
  • How to start seeing through the lens of your personal and professional goals


Where to learn more about Jessica and Marcus:


The Squeeze Network Facebook Page

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