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Episode 46: Persuasive Video Marketing with Lorna Earnshaw

Go beyond the warm up and actually create persuasive marketing videos using effective vocal techniques, keywords, and body language with Lorna Earnshaw here!

What Does it Mean to Practice Mindful Marketing?

Slow down, take in the reality, and make wise decisions with the mindful marketing principles.

TikTok Is Disrupting the Social Media World

TikTok’s popularity has exploded. Read how brand marketers can harness the platform to connect with consumers.

Episode 45: Brand Targeting & Demand Workshop with the Squeeze Network

Check out this workshop on developing your ideal client profile and testing the demand from that market with the Squeeze Network on the Spiral Marketing Podcast

10 Tactics for Expanding Your Opt-In List from a Cold List

Want to expand your opt-in list without alienating or annoying your cold list? Here are 10 tactics to strategically migrate all those contacts.

Episode 44: Building Good Marketing Agencies with Clodagh Higgins

The growth of 600 agencies speaks for itself! Check out that same guidance delivered by Agency Coach and fellow Podcast host, Clodagh Higgins, right here!

How to Market Your Brand during the COVID-19 Crisis

Keeping your business afloat during a sensitive global situation is challenging. Here are 10 tactics to help you handle your marketing through COVID-19.

Is Twitter Dead for Brand Marketing?

Have you been hearing a lot of buzz about Twitter being dead? Well, cancel the pallbearers. When used strategically, this platform is still alive and well!

Hootsuite Social Trends Report for 2020

The social media landscape can change quickly, so if companies wish to acquire the next wave of potential customers, they must keep these trends in mind.

Episode 43: Developing an Agile Mindset with Eric Watson

Learn how to integrate an Agile Mindset from subject matter expert Eric Watson

The Power of Esports Marketing

Game on with millions of Millennials, Generation Z members, and influencers rocketing into the future of media and sports.

The Key to Capturing More Sales? Applying the Marketing Funnel to Your Digital Strategy

The marketing funnel is even easier to remember at a high level. The following is a simplified way of explaining the same basic path

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