Welcome to our podcasts, the flagship Spiral Marketing Podcast and The Marketing Minute! Check out the Spiral Marketing Podcast for a diverse and insightful exploration of the human side of marketing and communication, and give The Marketing Minute a listen for a succinct but impactful story-driven take on the industry. We invite expert guests to discuss immediately actionable topics that are sure to challenge, delight, and inspire all marketers, entrepreneurs, communications professionals, and creatives. Listen today!

Welcome to the Marketing Minute! We’re a short-form story-driven podcast designed to provide value and industry insight—all in under ten minutes. Every episode, we invite an expert guest to answer three questions: What’s your favorite story for marketing communications professionals? What were the insights gained? Why do you do what you do? It’s all the value and nothing else. Succinct. Insightful. Actionable. Give us a listen, subscribe, and follow! 3-2-1. Done.



Invaluable source of infomation

Through his podcasts, Karl brings spirited and profound insights into the world of marketing strategy, to include speakers who are emerging and established entrepren…


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Marketing isn’t the worst anymore.

As a young professional trying to grow my business, the idea of sitting down and figuring out how to “market myself” just seems impossible sometimes.
This makes it…




A spiral twisted with Briliance and Ins…

What a joy it is to listen to this podcast! Karl knows how to bring on guests who embody positive, inspiring, and driven energy. I was wowed by his guest Zephan, who…


Brian Kurtz from Titans Marketing on The Marketing Minute #6

Brian Kurtz, Founder of the Titans Marketing® has decades of legendary experience in direct response marketing and copywriting. Check out this short interview.

Episode 51: Peter Corbett on Life Beyond Early Agency Retirement & Exit from iStrategyLabs

In this rare interview, Peter Corbett is very open about his past, motivations, present and future. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Peter speak as he has on countless international stages including the Davos’ World Economic Forum. Enjoy!

Gracelyn McDermott from Kaiser Permanente on The Marketing Minute #5

Overcome more challenges and excel with a “Little Leadership Story” from Gracelyn McDermott, Vice President at Kaiser Permanente on the Marketing Minute. Enjoy!

Episode 50: Market Domination and Adaptation with Seth Greene

“You’ve got to keep the images moving. Otherwise, people’s attention starts to drop and they start multitasking.” Seth Greene is a nationally recognized marketer and the only person to be nominated three times for the GKIC Dan Kennedy Marketer of the Year Award. He’s our latest guest on the Spiral Marketing Podcast to tell businesses […]

Episode 49: Meaningful Contributions in Marketing with Tara Clever from MarginEdge

“It’s a time for us to start to be more disciplined around the way we position ourselves.” Tara Clever is the Vice President of Marketing at MarginEdge, a company that streamlines key processes for restaurants. She’s on this episode to discuss how the pandemic can lead to opportunities with the right data and empathy.  Has […]


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